The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition is a multistakeholder alliance launched by ITU in close cooperation with the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, and in line with the UN Secretary General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, to foster meaningful connectivity and digital transformation in the hardest-to-connect communities, with a focus on, but not limited to, Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

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Partner2Connect Digital Coalition at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2021

Partner2Connect Digital Coalition: Connecting people everywhere

Date and Time: 6th December 14:35 – 15:35 CET / 13:35 – 14:35 UTC
Venue: IGF, Katowice, Poland


The Coalition recognizes that progress can only be made through a multistakeholder and partnership-based approach and that the direct leadership of governments, policy makers, and the regulator community is essential to achieve meaningful and universal connectivity.

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The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition embodies the following principles:

  • Inclusion
  • Partnership
  • SDG-focused digital development

Focus Areas

The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition works to ensure that people everywhere, and in particular in LDCs, LLDCs, and SIDS can access and use digital connectivity to transform lives, communities, and society, through the following focus areas:

  • Connecting people everywhere
  • Empowering communities
  • Building digital ecosystems
  • Incentivizing investments
Connecting PeopleConnecting people everywhere
Empowering communitiesEmpowering communities
Building digital ecosystemsBuilding digital ecosystems
Incentivizing investmentsIncentivizing investments

Meet the Leaders of the P2C Digital Coalition

Each of the four Focus Areas of the P2C Digital Coalition are represented by 5 entities who will act as the Focus Area Leaders of the Coalition. The entities include Governments, Private sector (including philanthropic organizations), UN agencies and other international or regional organizations (including Multilateral Development Banks), Civil society and Youth Groups.
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Partner2Connect Digital Development Roundtable

The Partner2Connect Roundtable will take place on 7 to 9 June 2022 during the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference (6-15 June 2022)

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The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition brings together multistakeholder partners who understand that ‘building back better with broadband’ will open up huge new opportunities; partners who understand that collaboration is the only way we will ever tackle a challenge of this scale and magnitude; and partners who understand that working together to build something bigger than we could achieve alone will mean rewards for everyone; industry, government, development agencies, and most importantly of all, people.

Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau, ITU

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